network switch

At the core of any effective network is an ethernet switch that meets your company's networking needs. Our brands of ethernet switches come in a wide range of models that include number port, speed, and power confiugrations. Our inventory of switches are enterprise quality, energy efficient, and secure to provide your business reliable connectivity. Ensure reliable communications and meet all your connectivity requirements through our selection of ethernet switches from ADTRAN, Cisco, HP, and NETGEAR.

wifi network

Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous in nearly all mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Wireless devices are becoming increasingly important to the function of any business. Business Owners rely on us for Wi-Fi solutions to increase profit and productivity. IT managers shop with us to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi for employees, and customers. System Admins benefit from our choices of affordable, and secure Wi-Fi solutions.


We carry a comprehensive selection of optical transceivers 100% compatible with major brands including Cisco, HP, Brocade, Juniper, and others. A Hummingbird Networks transceiver, coupled with limited lifetime warrant provides our small and medium-sized business clients with reliable and affordable network solutions. Hummingbird Networks fiber optic transceivers work in switches, routers, firewalls and other network equipment. We Can even customize an optical transceiver to fit your specific requirements.

cisco router

Designing a smart business network is easy when you have the right router for your small or medium business. If you're starting a company from the ground up, or if you are looking to purchase supplementary business routers as your company expands, we have you covered. We keep your business connected with our selection of versatile, high-performance routers that support the speeds you need, plus firewall protection for a fast, reliable internet connection.

small business phone system

We know that different small and medium businesses have diversified phone system needs. Today’s phone systems are available in a variety of configurations that offer you an ever-growing range of features, ease and convenience. But just how do you go about discovering the right phone system for your business? There are indeed many considerations in the evaluation and implementation of a new phone system for your small or medium business. The right business phone system will give your employees the tools they need to be even more efficient. Let us help you choose wisely among our available business phone systems.