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SC to SC Fiber Cable - 10Gb Aqua Fiber Multimode Duplex 50/125

Are you upgrading to 10 Gigabit fiber networking? Don't forget the proper fiber cable. 10G connections require higher quality, finely-made cabling than standard fiber applications, often making recabling a necessity during upgrades.

10 Gigabit fiber connections are driven by a technology known as VCSEL - Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser. VCSEL lasers have a wider aperture for greater output. VCSEL-compatible fiber cabling needs to be able to handle the higher power output, and most traditional 1G multimode duplex 50/125 fiber cable isn't rated for it.

Hummingbird Networks' own SC to SC fiber cable can bring you the 10G speeds you need, for a bare minimum of expense. Our fiber cable is manufactured at top-quality facilities used throughout the industry, but sold without the mark-up associated with name brand fiber. Hummingbird Networks SC to SC fiber cable is also guaranteed fully compatible with all fiber SC based devices.

Our cabling is kept in stock, so in most cases we can ship same day. We have lengths available in all standard sizes, from 1m to 15m and beyond. Every Hummingbird Networks fiber cable is guaranteed with our own industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty, to bring maximum protection on your purchase. Our full fiber SC cable line is shown below.

Do you need custom lengths of cable, or custom connector pairings? Contact Hummingbird Networks today to discuss your cabling needs.