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adtran 1930 Bluesocket 1930/1935

Adtran Bluesocket 1930

An ADTRAN Bluesocket 1930 or Bluesocket 1935 802.11n Wireless Access Point can bring you a lot of bang for your upgrade buck.  This 3x3:3 MIMO access point has three broadcast antennas, for a total of 900Kbps in throughput powered by a single Gigabit Ethernet port.

802.3af PoE support ensures the input is the only wire you need, while the Bluesocket 1930 or Bluesocket 1935 can otherwise invisibly power a widespread virtualized network environment.  Depending on your needs, the BSAP 1930 comes with six standard internal antennas, while the BSAP 1935 includes six external RP-SMA connectors for specialized antennas.

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The near-gigabit speeds and low cost of these 802.11n access points make them an excellent option for organizations on a budget who still need robust solutions for bringing VoIP and video to their buildings.  The Bluesocket standard allows for fully virtualized networking.  There's no need for a hardware controller, central server, or any other specialized hardware.

Adtran Bluesocket 1935

Thanks to this, the Bluesocket wireless access point series features the easiest deployments in the industry.  Each access point self-configures within moments of being plugged in and registered, with the Bluesocket system and AOS software auto-configuring each AP for maximum capability and security.

ADTRAN Bluesocket 1930 or Bluesocket 1935 wireless access points are a great entry point into next-generation virtualized networking and are well-suited to businesses that need plenty of utility with a minimum of technical demands.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more, or read on for specific product details.

Bluesocket 1930

Bluesocket 1935