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adtran netvanta 1238 NetVanta 1238/1238P

NetVanta 1238

Perfectly balanced between price, size, and performance, the ADTRAN NetVanta 1238 line is the perfect option for growing small-to-medium-sized business looking for a long-term Ethernet switching solution. This fully-managed Layer 3 Lite switch packs plenty of performance, allowing for easy deployment.

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The NetVanta 1238 stands out among its line with a full 48 Ethernet ports, with a total capacity of 23.6 Gigabits per second. As such, it's suited for multiple deployments. For smaller firms, the 1238 leaves room to grow within an architecture that's built for modularity and simple expansion. For medium-sized companies, it's perfect for deployment-specific switching operations utilizing complex interconnecting LAN devices.

The NetVanta 1238 brings with it ADTRAN's commitment to creating user-friendly products. The AOS Operating System, which ties their network products together, features the easiest GUI on the market, while still providing full power and control. Yet, it's still compliant with the standard Command Line Interface, for more experienced administrators.

Thanks to this, the 1238 also enjoys a longer lifespan, as it's simple to re-purpose later on. Like all ADTRAN networking equipment, it's designed to easily migrate from high-priority to low-priority assignments, as years pass and your needs change.

Whether you choose the basic model, or the 1238p with Power-over-Ethernet capabilities, the NetVanta 1238 is an affordable, secure, and reliable solution to a wide variety of SMB networking challenges.