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NetVanta 1335

One of the traits that makes ADTRAN networking special is that they recognize some businesses don't have huge upgrade budgets, and need to minimize their hardware investment.  Accordingly, many ADTRAN networking products are designed with maximum functionality in mind, in a single box that provides as many functions as possible.

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The primary purpose of the NetVanta 1335 switch - router series is to serve as a Fast Ethernet switch, and they're especially effective on a mixed voice\data system thanks to their superior VoIP-handling software and dual uplinks.  However, the NetVanta 1335 also includes:

  • A 24-port Fast Ethernet Switch, with L2 and L3L switching
  • IPSec-based VPN supporting up to 100 tunnels 
  • WiFi Controller
  • Inherent URL filtering, no subscription needed
  • CSU/DSU translation services
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • (Optional) Power-over-Ethernet support

The NetVanta 1335 is also designed with modularity in mind, with a slot that fits all standard NIM - Network Interface Modules for compatibility with existing systems.  The DIM can also be used for emergency backup access.

Plus, the ADTRAN 1335 comes standard with RapidRoute technology, which offers superior packet-routing services at minimal CPU cost.  Even with multiple resource-heavy processes such as QOS or VPN tunnels, these can serve packets up faster than even their major competitors.

So, the NetVanta 1335 brings you the combination of a top-tier VoIP switch / router with a host of other features meant to bring maximum flexibility in deployment.  The ADTRAN 1335 serves well in a wide variety of roles, making it perfect for growing businesses that want hardware which can be re-purposed as their needs change.

Is your business one that will benefit from the NetVanta 1335 multiservice access router?  Read on for more product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation.