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adtran 1534 NetVanta 1534P / NetVanta 1534

NetVanta 1534p

Midsized and growing businesses looking to upgrade to a network that's ready for 21st Century global telecommunications will get a lot of use out of the NetVanta 1534!

With twenty-four Fast Ethernet ports, and four more optical -including two enhanced 2.5Gbps SFP ports- the 1534 switch is ready for a range of applications. It's designed primarily to function as the backbone for a midsized business, but thanks to ADTRAN's unified AOS software, it can easily be shifted to lower-priority functions as you grow.

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The option to add Power-over-Ethernet with the NetVanta 1534p gives you even more flexibility in expansion.

This range of speeds and ports makes the NetVanta 1534 line especially effective for implementing Cloud-based desktop services, VoIP or videoconferencing, or live distributed document collaboration.

If your operations are looking to go global, the NetVanta 1534p will take you there.