NetVanta 1638/1638P

adtran 1638 NetVanta 1638 / NetVanta 1638P

NetVanta 1638

Developed specifically for small-to-midsize businesses that foresee steady growth ahead, the ADTRAN NetVanta 1638 product line will provide a stable platform for network expansions over the years to come.

The NetVanta 1638 is a 48-port Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet switch that's perfect for managing a backbone or a local office deployment.   What makes the system unique is ActivChassis, which allows for rapid stacking of up to eight units into a single logical switch.  Optional high-speed links allow rapid transfer of data between units.

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This makes the ADTRAN 1638 a unique value because they're wholly interchangeable between backbone and access-level usage.  One can power an office.  Eight can power a headquarters.  Units can be moved between departments as needed, instantly stacking with their existing NetVanta 1638s.

Depending on your power needs, the line has PoE+ option- NetVanta 1638P

ADTRAN makes high-end switching simple, and the NetVanta 1638 is an excellent choice for organizations needing high-speed data convergence, robust realtime voice/video, or live data-syncing between distributed locations.

Is the ADTRAN NetVanta 1638 the perfect central nervous system for your network?  Read on for more product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks to custom-design your new ADTRAN network.