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adtran 6240 Netvanta 6240 SIP Gateway

Adtran NetVanta 6240 SIP Gateway

The Adtran Netvanta 6240 series of IP Business Gateways is designed for carrier Ethernet and VoIP networks. With 8FXS T1 this series of gateways delivers the same robust features of the Total Access Gateways along with a number of new features such as a G.729 voice compression reducing bandwidth usage per voice call. The Adtran 6240 gateways are a cost effective option that provides a robust IP router, firewall and VPN functionality, as well as support for analog and digital interfaces for existing phone equipment or for the combination of an IP PBX and analog faxes, phones, or modems. Some of the 6240 series features are:

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  • Seamless voice and data integration over VoIP-based network architectures
  • 30 and 60 Channel DSP Options
  • Four T1/dual Ethernet platform with flexible analog configurations available
  • Ideal for networks transitioning to VoIP

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