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Adtran OPTI-6100 Series

ADTRAN’s OPTI-6100 is a high-density, compact, multi-service optical access and aggregation platform.

The OPTI-6100 is perfectly suited for delivery of high density DS1s or E1s, Ethernet over SONET, Ethernet over PDH, TDM over Pseudowire, multiple DS3/E3 delivery, customer premises service delivery, and mobile backhaul. Interworking with both SONET and SDH optical networks is achieved through the use of industry standard protocols and extensive field testing.

Services are configured via plug-in units, which are provisioned according to the service needs of individual locations. This flexibility of multiple plug-in units eliminates the need for separate network elements and minimizes CAPEX and OPEX by delivering multiple services from one system.

Numerous network topologies are supported and include terminal mode, hub, end-to-end OPTI-6100 (LMX, MX or SMX chassis) and rings.