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ADTRAN catalog also includes a robust portfolio of high-end, high-performance equipment aimed at service providers.  ADTRAN has more than 25 years of experience building affordable and highly reliable hardware for carrier services.

As with their enterprise networks hardware, the ADTRAN Carrier Networks portfolio is aimed at minimizing hardware investment and providing maximum ROI.   The booming Metro Ethernet game is very much one of finding profits in the margins, and ADTRAN's feature-rich product design gives you the edge. 

Hummingbird Networks is proud to be a fully certified ADTRAN partner, providing full service and support for the following categories of Carrier Ethernet hardware:

Integrated Access Devices

Adtran Atlas 550The ADTRAN ATLAS series of IADs provides virtually everything a small, medium, or large network needs.  These modular devices can converge voice, video, or data across a range of connection types including ISDN, T1, T3, PRI, or Frame Relay.



Adtran MX2800

With an ADTRAN MX series multiplexer, you get a space and cost efficient solution for bandwidth consolidation.  Top-tier MX units are fully rated to NEBS Level 3 requirements, in cases that still fit into a single rack unit.

Pseudowire Gateways

Adtran MX408e

The ADTRAN MX4 series of pseudowire gateways give you complete utilization of your DS1 bandwidth through full DS0 control to service locations.   These ROHS-compliant gateways bring easy 10/100/1000 switching across four Fast Ethernet ports and eight DSX-1 E1 TDM ports.

Network Termination Units

NTUAn ADTRAN Netvanta 800 series Network Termination Unit allows for massive Ethernet pipes from the end-user to the service carrier to overcome first-mile bottlenecks.  These support diverse, multi-site 100Mbs connections and are perfect for expanded cloud services.


T1 CSU ACEAre you supporting customers on legacy Data Terminal Equipment over 2.4-64kbps speeds?  The ADTRAN DSU line makes management simple while integrating it into the rest of your operations.