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adtran bluesocket Bluesocket Wireless Access Point Accessories

ADTRAN is devoted to creating innovative networking technologies that combine next-generation hardware with price points that even small businesses can afford.  ADTRAN vWLAN appliances are an excellent example of this, giving businesses an entirely new low-impact way to manage an extended virtualized network.

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An ADTRAN vWLAN appliance is a centralized all-in-one miniature server/controller running VMWare as a hypervisor, creating a cost-effective alternative to other Wi-Fi deployments.  The combination of an ADTRAN vWLAN appliance and Bluesocket access points, by themselves, create a robust and easily-scalable wireless network that can be expanded regardless of geography.

These vWLAN appliances can be further enhanced with the ADTRAN ProServices system of cloud-based support, management, and data services.  You get a cutting-edge virtual network, with a true minimum of hardware investment or oversight.

For larger operations, there's the Rackmount Appliance, which can self-support 1,500 separate Access Points.  For smaller operations, especially those implementing their first WiFi network, there's the Desktop Appliance - a truly tiny controller perfect for startups.

Is a virtualized WLAN right for your operation?  Contact Hummingbird today for a free consultation, or read on for more product information.