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The Aruba AP-315 is an excellent all-purpose 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless access point, with potential applications for businesses of all sizes.  From acting as a primary AP for startups and small businesses, to being one element of a global centrally-controlled enterprise network, the AP-315 offers superior specs, flexibility, and user choice in how it's deployed.

As an access point, the AP-315 features cutting-edge technology.  It features a full 4x4 MU:MIMO radio array, spread across both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz spectrums.  Its maximum theoretical throughput is 2Gbps.  This comes courtesy of four omni-directional antennas, with a downtilt angle intended for ceiling-mounted operation and a maximum gain of 6.0dBi in 5ghz.  These small, unobtrusive units are easy to mount and forget about.

Note: If you want more control over your WiFi coverage area, Aruba AP-314 models offer the same features, but with external antenna hookups.

Where Aruba truly excels is in giving users options in how to utilize their devices.  The AP-315 can be either centrally controlled, via ArubaOS, or the otherwise identical IAP-315 variation can function as a fully standalone controller-less device.  This version also supports mesh networking functionality, and allows for rapid deployment of even large numbers of APs at once.

Additionally, all versions of the AP-315 are designed for remote access and usage.  They can be configured remotely, as well as including support for VPN tunneling - backed up by superior high-bitrate encryption for additional security.  They also include Bluetooth beacon radios, for user communications and tracking, as well as wireless intrusion detection capability.

In short, an Aruba AP-315 model promises an exceptional lifespan, and is capable of being repurposed throughout its active life.  This allows Aruba to deliver an ROI above and beyond comparable models from other brands.  To learn more about the benefits of Aruba networking, contact Hummingbird Networks.

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