aruba 3810m

Designed for campuses, hospitality businesses, and other organizations which need to put a priority on user's mobile/roaming access, the Aruba 3810M Layer 3 switch offers plenty of power at an impressive price point.  

The Aruba 3810M is based around their own custom ProVision ASIC chipset, allowing for superior switching power while also having full support for software-defined networking.  The 3810M supports REST APIs and OpenFlow, while also being directly programmable when necessary.  This is a switch designed to be future-proofed, and capable of being modified to meet your needs as time passes.

Along with this, the 3810M supports mesh stacking, allowing you to quickly and easily expand your network by adding units.  With 48 ports and 40Gbe uplinks, it's hard to max out the 3810M - but when it happens, stacking makes it possible to provide up to a maximum of 336Gbps in throughput.  In addition, the 3810M PoE+ variation supplies up to 840W of power, per unit, making it easier to keep your WiFi APs and downstream Unified Communications devices powered.  Robust QoS implementation adds to its value as a UC-focused switch.

With the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, you'll be able to easily handle authentication and access, even across a vast network of dozens or hundreds of APs - even across multi-vendor networks.  You can easily control profiling, authentication, and policy management, while zero-touch provisioning allows you to push standardized security policies to a wide range of devices.

Adding to the value of the Aruba 3810M is that it requires no extra licensing to unlock features - unlike most other switches with this level of capacity.  Every feature works out of the box, even the cloud-based management and deployment tools.

Is Aruba the right vendor to create a robust, yet affordable, network for your mobile-focused operation?  Contact Hummingbird for a free consultation!