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aruba 7210

Take your medium-to-large scale network to the next level with a master controller which offers an unprecedented combination of price and performance.  Powered by a cutting-edge multi-core virtualized CPU, the Aruba 7210 Mobility Controller can take over full control of even large scale networks while making them exceptionally easy to manage - and for a price an order of magnitude below many high-end competitors.

A single rackmounted unit can take over control of vast numbers of both wired and wireless devices, while having a feature set that makes managing large-scale WiFi networks particularly easy.  Through a single dashboard, you'll have access to real time metrics that are app-aware and able to track usage down to the packet level.  You'll also be able to quickly deploy security policies, watch for unwanted wireless intrusions, monitor "ground level" RF spectrum usage, and much more - all with full historical reporting.

In addition, the Aruba 7210 functions as a high-powered realtime firewall, as well as handling your encryption and authentication needs, plus IPv4/IPv6 Layer 3 translations.  

The 7210 was also built with physical reliability in mind.  With hot-swappable redundant dual fans and dual power supplies, specifically so that component failure will not put connectivity at risk.  Components are field-serviceable and easy to replace.  And with four 10-Gigabit SFP+ ports, you'll have plenty of bandwidth for your operations.

The Aruba 7210 Mobility Controller features support for:

  • 512 APs
  • 16,384 concurrent devices
  • 4,094 VLANs
  • 8,192 tunneled ports
  • 16,384 IPSec connections
  • 2,015,291 active firewall sessions
  • Up to 20Gbps in wired throughput
  • 4 10GBASE-X SFP+ ports  

Few other high-end networking vendors offer as much functionality, at such affordable prices, as Aruba.  The 7210 Mobility Controller could be your key to taking your network to the next level.  For a full consultation on the benefits of Aruba networking, contact Hummingbird Networks.

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