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aruba 7220

Designed specifically for the needs of growing medium-to-large scale organizations in need of an affordable solution for managing their mixed wired/wireless network, the Aruba 7220 Mobility Controller has power to spare - at a surprisingly affordable price point. 

The 7220 is built around Aruba's groundbreaking multi-core virtualized CPU technology, allowing a 1RU unit to act like an array of hyperthreaded processors.  This gives it the power to manage thousands of devices at once, while providing up to 40Gbps in throughput, and acting as a firewall the whole time.  It is also equipped to handle your authentication, encryption, and IPv4/IPv6 Layer 3 translation services as well.

A single 7220 has the potential to manage an entire campus or extended business network, all on its own.

As an administrator, you'll have unprecedented insight into your network activity.  Usage can be tracked down to the packet level, with the 7220 distinguishing between common apps and websites and prioritizing bandwidth appropriately.  You can also monitor individual devices, local RF spectrum information, any attempted wireless intrusions, and more.   No matter the area of interest, you get full real-time oversight with historical reporting capabilities.

Given the 7220's importance in your network hardware, it's been built for reliability and easy servicing in the field.  Every 7220 includes redundant dual fans and dual power supplies.  A component failure is not going to put your network at risk, and swapping out replacements is simple.

The Aruba 7220 Mobility Controller features support for:

  • 1,024 APs
  • 24,576 concurrent devices
  • 4,094 VLANs
  • 12,288 tunneled ports
  • 24,576 IPSec connections
  • 2,015,291 active firewall sessions
  • Up to 40Gbps in wired throughput
  • 4 10GBASE-X SFP+ ports  

It's a whole new world of affordable high-end networking, and Aruba is leading the way with surprisingly powerful controllers.  To learn more about the 7200 series, just contact Hummingbird Networks.

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