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aruba 8400x

Offering genuinely unprecedented power and flexibility, the Aruba 8400X is one of the industry-leaders in hardware designed to facilitate smart flexible networking that's ready for future change.  With a switching capacity of 19.2 Terabits per second, backed up by 100GbE connections, few enterprise grade switches have so much capacity - and none can match Aruba's focus on programmability.

The 8400X runs on Aruba's custom ArubaOS-CX.  This is no mere interface, but a full-scale OS that supports virtualization, native apps, and even Unix-style features like application restart-ability.  It utilizes a modular architecture, built upon REST APIs and Python scripting, to give you previously unseen power to program directly for your switch itself.  This makes the 8400X a top-tier choice for businesses running a mixed wired/WiFi/IoT/UC network - even from multiple vendors - and want room to adapt to any future contingency. 

Working alongside ArubaOS-CX is Aruba's Network Analytics Engine.  This aggregates huge amounts of data from across your network, creating benchmarks for usage which can then be used as part of its powerful automation features.  Admins can customize flags and triggers utilizing scripting to automate even complicated tasks.  This reduces the amount of time they have to spend managing the fine details of a vast network, allowing them to focus on high-level decision making instead.

In addition, the 8400X also features Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSF), a virtualization system that helps maintain uninterrupted availability.  Among its applications, you can switch control over to a virtualized OS while doing upgrades to the core OS, without any interruption of service.

In terms of power and flexibility, the Aruba 8400X is in a class by itself.  Few competitors, if any, can come close to its combination of raw power and unprecedented flexibility.  To deploy a network backbone which will be ready to adapt to any changes in 2020 and beyond, contact Hummingbird Networks.

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