aruba 203h

Designed for hospitality businesses, schools, and other facilities which need a low-cost solution for deploying a large number of WiFi APs on a room-by-room basis, the Aruba AP-203H offers a lot of functionality in a small package! 

The Aruba AP-203H is an 802.11ac wireless access point with gigabit speeds, capable of broadcasting on either the 2.4ghz or 5ghz radio spectrums.  However, it stands out among other similar solutions by offering administrators a wide range of options in setup and configuration, depending on their specific needs:

It can operate in either a 1x1 dual radio mode, or 2x2 single radio mode, based on your expected usage profiles.  It can also operate as either a controlled or controller-less device,thanks to Aruba's expertise in creating controller solutions.  Further, it can deployed either as a wall unit - designed to plug directly onto existing wall ports - or be set up as a desktop unit.  It also includes a direct-access Ethernet port, so it can act as a switch for wired connections.

Even more functionality comes via an onboard USB port, which allows administrators to attach addons such as a Bluetooth module for Bluetooth beacon support.

It also supports all the standard features users expect from Aruba.  Automatic RF configuration makes it simple to deploy, and it is exceptionally easy to manage in either controlled or controller-less mode.  It also includes anti-intrusion measures, as well as support for VPN tunneling.

In short, the Aruba AP-203H is like several devices in one.  If you need a low-cost/low-power solution for large-scale deployments, the extreme configurability of the AP-203H can undoubtedly meet your needs - no matter what those needs are.  To learn more, read on for further product details, or contact the experts at Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation!