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aruba 207

Designed to support a huge range of usage scenarios from small-to-medium sized operations of all types, the Aruba AP-207 offers genuinely unparalleled configurability while delivering reliable Gigabit-speed 802.11ac WiFi access.  The AP-207 could be utilized by startups, branch offices, churches, hospitals, schools, and any other operation that needs a budget-friendly and easily-managed solution for delivering WiFi.

Where the Aruba AP-207 series stands out is its unprecedented range of operating modes.  No matter the configuration of your local network, or your desired usage scenario, there is an operating mode to match.  These are:

  • Controller Managed, with centralized configuration, encryption, universal security policies, and more.
  • Instant AP, allowing the AP to be configured over-the-air from a nearby laptop or smart device for quick and simple deployment.
  • Remote AP, accepting configuration of branch deployments from a central location
  • Air Monitor, acting as a wireless intrusion detection system,
  • Enterprise mesh, allowing individual Aruba AP-series WiFi units to share configuration among themselves for rapid deployment of large-scale networks.

No matter which usage mode you choose, Aruba's advanced GUIs allow for even networking newcomers to quickly get a handle on configuration and oversight.  Aruba designs their APs to be accessible to everyone, and can be excellent first steps into the world of enterprise networking.

In addition, the AP-207 features Advanced Cellular Coexistance (ACC) and Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) functionality, allowing it to maintain strong connections even in areas with dense radio usage.  It also incorporates a low-power Bluetooth beacon, adding to your options.  The Bluetooth radio can be used for user tracking, direct messaging, and more.

Few other APs on the market are so affordable, while offering so many options in configuration and repurposing.  To learn more about how Aruba delivers exceptional ROI on your technology advancements, just contact Hummingbird Networks.

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