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The Aruba AP-314 is a superior all-purpose 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless AP, featuring 4x4 MU:MIMO support via four external antenna connectors for full control over your local WiFi coverage. (Antennas sold separately.)  With a maximum theoretical throughput of 2Gbps, the AP-314 offers superb connectivity paired with the unprecedented level of customization which Aruba builds into their products.

Note: If your operation needs internal antennas, the Aruba AP-315 series offers the same specs without the external connectors.

Aruba distinguishes themselves by offering multiple modes of operation in their Access Points, allowing them to be utilized in a wide variety of settings.  Depending on your needs, the AP-314 can be utilized as:

  • Part of a centralized controlled network, linked via ArubaOS
  • A standalone controller-less unit, configured directly over the air
  • One unit in an ad-hoc mesh network
  • A remotely-configured unit for branch offices, Points-of-Sale, etc
  • A wireless intrusion detection system
  • Plus, VPN tunneling allows for remote access from anywhere

Further, it comes with a large number of additional features built-in.  A low-power Bluetooth beacon brings you user tracking and messaging capabilities.  Proprietary Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) and Advanced Cellular Coexistence (ACC) systems allow the AP-314 to work seamlessly even in areas with dense radio usage.  

Plus, no matter how you choose to deploy it, the AP-314 remains easy to configure and manage from day-to-day.  Aruba offers streamlined easy-to-use GUI interfaces for both controlled and controller-less models, ensuring that even newcomers to enterprise-level networking can quickly get a handle on their Aruba AP.

No other brand offers this level of flexibility, allowing Aruba products to offer genuinely exceptional ROI.  Your Aruba AP-314 can be used and reused across multiple usage scenarios throughout its active life. 

Is Aruba the right networking brand for your growing operation?  Contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation.

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