Aruba delivers solutions which other brands do not, and the Aruba AP-318 is an excellent example.  This is a ruggedized indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 AP, delivering up to 2Gbps in throughput across a 4x4 MU:MIMO antenna array - but in a package designed for use in areas which would not otherwise be conducive to high technology. 

The AP-318 features a temperature range of -40° C to +60° C (-40° F to +140° F), and a tough outer shell which is sealed against particulate materials with an IP55 rating. The AP-318 can be deployed in warehouses without AC, freezers, factory floors, dusty production facilities, indoor sports stadiums, and any other environment where typical access points might be easily damaged.   There are few other solutions on the market that can so readily handle such a wide range of indoor facilities.

Further, carrying on the Aruba standard of easy re-configuration, the AP-318 can be deployed as either a controlled or controller-less device.  It can even operate as part of a mesh network, allowing rapid deployment of large numbers of APs across your facilities.  VPN support allows for remote tunneling, as well as remote configuration from authorized users. 

The AP-318 also includes Bluetooth beacon support, wireless intrusion detection systems, smart R/F management systems that can coexist with cellular networks, and spectrum analysis support.  All this is tied together through GUIs designed to be simple and intuitive, but without compromising any of the power you need from an enterprise-grade access point.

This is an AP which can be used in virtually any indoor scenario imaginable, or moved between multiple usage types seamlessly as needs require.  Not every business requires the AP-318, but if you demand more toughness from your indoor APs, the 318 is among the best in its class.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more!