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The Aruba AP-325 is a superior 802.11ac Wave 2 device, designed to offer maximum flexibility and utility as an all-purpose access point for medium to large scale operations.  The AP-325 includes eight separate omni-directional internal antennas, along with dual-spectrum radios capable of functioning in a 4x4 MU:MIMO array with four spatial streams.  With maximum theoretical throughputs of 1733Mbps over 5ghz and 600Mbps over 2.4ghz, and the capability to function flawlessly even in dense radio environments, the AP-325 offers truly top-of-the-line performance.

Note: In situations where you need the same specifications, but with external antenna connectors for precise control over your coverage area, choose the otherwise-identical Aruba AP-324.

Aruba Networking is dedicated to providing networking hardware that allows far wider ranges of configuration and deployment options than competing brands.  The AP-325 can be utilized in five different ways:

  • As a standalone controller-less unit
  • As part of an ad-hoc mesh network
  • Under the central control of an ArubaOS network
  • Remotely configured, controlled, or accessed via secure VPN
  • As a dedicated spectrum analysis and wireless intrusion detection device

In addition, you also get Bluetooth Beacon functionality, smart automatic RF adjustment, support for up to 16 BSSDs per radio, and Unified Communications capabilities.  All this is handled through simple-to-learn interfaces which don't require any pre-existing network skills to fully utilize.  Arbua is ready for both networking beginners as well as advanced users.

An Aruba WiFi access point is truly like having several devices in one, and that will pay off in the long term.  Your Arube AP-325 can be used and re-used across your operation, and that gives it an ROI beyond any competing brand.  

Is an Aruba AP-325 the right choice for your growing enterprise network?  We have more product specifications below, or feel free to contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation.

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