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Are gigabit speeds just not enough for your business WiFi network?  Are you trying to attract guests or customers looking for the best possible connections at the businesses they frequent?  If so, the Aruba AP-334 may be exactly what you're looking for.

The Aruba AP-334 is an 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi router featuring multi-gigabit Ethernet connectivity.  It features 5ghz radios, with a maximum bandwidth of 1.7Gbps, as well as 2.4ghz radios capable of another 600Mbps.  All told, it has a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 2.3Gbps when connected to a network with sufficient backbone to handle that.  Further, the AP-334 utilizes a 4x4 MU-MIMO framework, allowing more users to be connected concurrently without seeing slowdown.  The AP-334 can even detect when users are utilizing 802.11ac Wave 2 compatible equipment, putting them on a dedicated high-speed connection so that the slower radios are reserved for slower devices.

The AP-334 features four dual-band RP-SMA external antenna connectors (antennas sold separately) so you can shape your WiFi coverage area to meet your needs.  If you would prefer a model with the same specifications, but using internal antennas, choose the AP-335 instead.  Both models include integrated Bluetooth beacons.

As with other Aruba networking products, you also get a wide range of options in how to configure them.  You can choose AP-334 models which are either externally controlled or controller-less.  The controller-less configuration can be set up in only a few minutes.  They can also be configured and accessed remotely, via VPN tunneling, utilized as part of a mesh network, or even set up as dedicated spectrum-monitoring and wireless intrusion detection appliances.  

Aruba networking brings you more for your money, with great hardware, competitive prices, and unprecedented capability to be reconfigured and reused throughout the device's lifespan.  To learn more about Aruba hardware, contact Hummingbird Networks!

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