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For businesses looking to provide cutting-edge speeds and performance on their WiFi network, while keeping hardware costs reasonable, the Aruba AP-335 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi access point offers a superior value for money with the potential for an extended lifespan.

The AP-335 features an HPE Smart Rate port that supports multi-gigabit Ethernet connections.  With a sufficient network backbone, the 4x4 MU-MIMO array of internal radios and antennas can deliver a theoretical maximum of 2.3Gbps to your workforce, customers, and other guests.  Further, the AP-335 features the capability to detect when users have 802.11ac Wave 2 compatible devices, putting them on their own dedicated high-speed radio while allowing slower devices uninterrupted access to the slower radios.   It also integrates smart radio frequency monitoring systems that prevent coverage from being interrupted by interference.  

This allows the AP-335 to deliver blazing speeds to large numbers of users, even in areas of dense RF usage.  Whether you're looking to enable better productivity among your workforce, or impress your guests, the AP-335 delivers.

Note: If you want the same performance, but utilizing directional external antennas, the AP-334 model is identical aside from including four dual-band RP-SMA antenna connectors.

Aruba can compete on speed against even the best other brands, but where Aruba truly differentiates itself is in its potential for customizing your deployments.  Depending on the options you select, your Aruba AP-335 could be:

  • A stand-alone controller-less "instant access point."
  • An externally controlled access point that's integrated into your Aruba network
  • Accessed and configured remotely, via secure VPN tunneling
  • Integrated into an ad-hoc mesh network
  • Utilized as a spectrum-analysis and wireless intrusion detection appliance

That's how Aruba delivers more for your money.  No other brand of networking hardware is so focused on repurpose-ability, and that means better ROI on your networking investment.  To learn more, just contact Hummingbird!

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