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Offering some of the fastest speeds yet seen in any WiFi access point, from any brand, the Aruba AP-344 goes truly above and beyond.  Not only can it potentially reach a peak data rate of 4.3Gbps when connected via five-gigabit Ethernet, but it offers genuinely unparalleled flexibility in deployment and usage.  That's more than twice what even most comparable multi-gig Ethernet APs can provide!

It does this by pushing the 802.11ac Wave 2 technology further, integrating two 5ghz radios, rather than one, while still including a 2.4ghz radio as well.  It also integrates Aruba's own proprietary ClientMatch technology, which detects the maximum speeds of user-side devices and automatically segregates high-speed devices from the rest.  If your workforce or customers have invested in the latest mobile devices and laptops, the AP-344 allows them to see the full potential of their hardware.

The AP-344 gives you full control of your WiFi coverage area, including eight RP-SMA external antenna connectors. (Antennas sold separately.)  If you prefer integrated internal antennas, the otherwise-identical AP-345 model variation is an all-in-one unit.

However, Aruba doesn't stop there.  They know that you may have many different usage needs for your hardware, or want to be able to repurpose it over time.  So, depending on how you configure it, the AP-344 can work as either an independent controller-less device which could also be part of an ad-hoc mesh network, or as part of a centrally controlled network.  Or, access and configure it remotely via VPN.

In addition, it integrates a Bluetooth beacon for user tracking and direct messaging.   Plus, its radios can be wholly or partially given over to spectrum analysis and intrusion warning detection.

There's no other WiFi AP on the market with this combination of speed, power, and flexibility.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more.

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