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For those in need of ruggedized weatherproofed outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 access points, the Aruba AP-367 offers a near-perfect balance between price and performance.  These affordable devices can be placed anywhere, potentially set up in just a few minutes, and instantly give you a robust smart network ready for even large numbers of employees, guests, or visitors.

The AP-367 can operate in temperature environments from  -40° C to +55° C (-40° F to +131°F), and can function even in prolonged direct sunlight, as well as operating at elevations up to 3,000m.  Their cases have an IP66/67 rating, and are proofed against both rainwater and salt water, along with having earthquake-rated vibration survivability.  In short, unless you're in Antarctica, the Aruba AP-367 can almost certainly function in your local environment.

Nor does that weatherproofing inhibit the unit's performance.  The AP-367 features both 5ghz and 2.4ghz radios, with a maximum potential throughput of 1.3Gbps.  Smart systems monitoring usage and the local radio environment are consistently adjusting spectrums and radio assignments, so that your guests will always have steady connections - even while roaming.  Further, it incorporates a low-power Bluetooth beacon for user tracking and messaging, as well as having the capability to monitor the radio environment for potential intrusion.

The AP-367 features high-gain directional internal antennas.  If you would prefer omni-directional antennas instead, choose the AP-365 variation.

Aruba offers unparalleled flexibility in deployment.  You can utilize the AP-367 as either a controlled or controller-less device, or attach it to a mesh network, or even utilize it as a dedicated spectrum analysis device.  This gives Aruba the ROI edge, with products which can remain useful long past their initial job role.

Hummingbird Networks can get you started with a highly-affordable, easily-reconfigured Aruba network.  Contact us directly to learn more about the AP-367 or any of their products.

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