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Multi-gigabit 802.11ac Wave 2 online speeds in an outdoor WiFi access point?  It's possible with the cutting-edge Aruba AP-374!

If your operation needs the best possible outdoor Internet access, the Aruba AP-374 is nearly without peer.  It incorporates both a high-speed 5ghz radio alongside a standard 2.4ghz radio, in a 4x4 MU-MIMO array designed specifically to deliver the most possible speed to your users.  When connected via multi-gigabit Ethernet, it is capable of up to 2Gbps per second - more than most indoor APs.  

Nor do you have to worry about the local radio environment affecting performance.  The AP-374 utilizes multiple smart systems which can detect users' hardware capability, monitor the local RF situation, and dynamically shift to ensure peak performance at all times.  Roaming is no problem either - your guests or employees will have uninterrupted access no matter where they go within the network coverage area.

The AP-374 features external antenna connectors.   If you need internal antennas, consider either the AP-377 (directional) or AP-375 (omni-directional) models instead.

Thanks to its extreme survivability, the AP-374 can be deployed in nearly any outdoor environment on Earth.  It can operate at temperatures anywhere from -40° C to +65° C (-40° F to +149° F), along with being rated to survive 165mph winds.  The sealed case protects against rainwater, saltwater, and particulate debris, as well as earthquake-level vibrations.  In short, the AP-374 could truly survive a hurricane - and maintain access the entire time.

On top of that, you get Aruba's famous flexibility.  Controlled or controller-less, as part of a mesh network, or even as a standalone RF analysis system, the AP-374 excels in multiple roles.

Few outdoor APs can match the Aruba AP-374 in terms of price or performance.  To learn more, contact Hummingbird Networks for a consultation.

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