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Featuring a great combination of price and performance, with options available for businesses from the smallest to the largest, Aruba Mobility LAN controllers deliver all-in-one management of your network.  Aruba Mobility Controllers are designed to be as easy to use as possible, while having a truly robust feature set that can potentially replace several other devices on your rack with a single affordable unit.

Aruba is leading the way with smart mixed LAN/WAN controllers that take as much of the work as possible off of human administrators.  They're app-aware, able to distinguish and prioritize between over a thousand commonly used streaming and cloud-based applications - everything from Netflix to Skype to SalesForce.  Matters such as bandwidth prioritization and RF spectrum management are handled automatically, with or without guidelines inputted by administrators.  

They also integrate must-have features such as secure VPN tunneling and a built-in firewall, adding to the value.  

There are two major lines of Aruba Mobility Controllers:

  • The 7000 Series:  With options to fit businesses ranging from startup garage operations to large-scale enterprise networks, there's a 7000-series Aruba mobility controller for everyone.  These controllers are simple to deploy, with zero-touch configuration, while presenting all necessary information in easy-to-digest dashboards.  They feature all the power of high-end devices, in small packages.
  • The 7200 Series:  Designed for large scale networks in need of serious power in their backbone to manage ever-increasing bandwidth demands.  The 7200 units feature eight-core CPUs and the capability for a single box to power even vast networks.  Previously, this sort of technology was only available at prices an order of magnitude higher.

Aruba Mobility Controllers give you total control over a mixed wired\wireless network, while lightening your workload from day to day.  Read on for more specific product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation on the benefits of Aruba networking.

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