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Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra - Screen Protector For Cellular Phone - With Privacy Filter - For Apple IPhone XR - F8W926ZZ

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  • Keep your screen private
    InvisiGlass Ultra privacy screen protection lets you enjoy full screen privacy in portrait mode, keeping all your emails, texts, and sensitive content protected from prying eyes. Plus, if you want to share your photos and videos, simply flip your phone to landscape mode for an unobstructed view of your screen.
  • Chemically strengthened using ion exchange
    Heating premium glass to high temperatures allows the liquid form to be manipulated at a molecular level. Small sodium ions are switched out for larger potassium ions which are packed tightly into the same space. This denser molecular structure gives the glass greater strength.
  • Flawless touchscreen experience
    InvisiGlass Ultra is cut so thinly that it becomes highly sensitive to pressure. This, combined with intelligent glass composition, ensures every touch and movement is transferred accurately to the screen beneath for a flawless touchscreen experience.

Keep your texts, emails, and sensitive content protected from prying eyes and enjoy the privacy and versatility for today's connected world. Ultra-premium glass is chemically engineered to be even stronger than tempered glass. This added strength allows it to be precision-cut so thinly that it delivers a flawless touchscreen experience.

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