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cisco 2960S Series

Cisco 2960S Switch

The Cisco Catalyst 2960S series has been known as one of the best options in access-level switching at entry-level prices.  These robust Layer 2 switches feature capacity up to 48 separate gigabit Ethernet ports, up to 4 SPF optical ports, as well as full support for Power-over-Ethernet up at either 370 or 740 watts.  

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There's a Catalyst 2960S switch for virtually every small-to-medium sized business.  The range of configurations and software options also make them highly robust, able to fulfill a variety of primary and secondary functions. Cisco's FlexStack technology allows up to four Cisco C2960S switches to be linked together in a single logical switch, with throughput up to 40Gbs,  further increasing their flexibility in deployment.

The Catalyst 2960S line is primarily intended for businesses that:

  • Are looking for cost-effective wired desktop capabilities.
  • Implementing and maintaining Quality-of-Service for VoIP applications.
  • Boosting / reinforcing their existing systems security.
  • Introducing application and networking automation to lower costs.

All the Cisco 2960S switches come with the features enterprises expect from Cisco:  Cutting edge security, based on Cisco's own TrustSec systems, a variety of interfaces, and a front-panel mini-USB port for uplink and file backup.  All this fits into a single standard rack unit.

Access-level switches are one of the key elements of physical network architecture.  These ensure the minute-to-minute continuity of service that your employees need to do their jobs effectively, while simplifying maintenance and upkeep.  

For more information on the variety of products in the Cisco Catalyst 2960S series, please examine their individual pages, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a free consultation on which Catalyst switch is right for your operations.