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Cisco 3504

Designed specifically for the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses implementing their first Cisco Wireless LAN, the Cisco 3504 WLAN Controller packs a lot of power into a tiny desktop-sized form factor.  With a feature set and overall throughput capacity far beyond comparable devices, the Cisco 3504 brings maximum performance to up to 150 access points. 

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The 3504 features a multigigabit Ethernet port, capable of speeds up to 5Gbps, along with four more primary one-Gigabit Ethernet ports.  PoE power is supported on two ports for direct AP connectivity.  Two more one-gig ports allow for rapid service access, and adds a redundant failover port in case of line failure.  Ultimately, it is capable of 4Gbps of sustained throughput.  

This wireless LAN controller can be deployed in a variety of network topographies, with support for centralized, distributed, and mesh-based networks.  In all cases, setup and configuration is handled through a single cloud-based dashboard designed for ease of use.  Administrators get unparalleled visibility into the details of their network usage and associated devices, with Deep Packet Inspection capabilities.

Security is a priority for the Cisco 3054.  Out of the box, it features denial-of-service attack detection as well as the ability to spot rogue access points.  It also supports the Cisco Umbrella suite of WLAN security services, allowing for robust protection against a variety of malware and intrusion types - just what a smaller organization needs to avoid becoming victims of cyber-crime.

The 3054 also supports other Cisco services, including Unified Communications and Unified IP phones, with superior QoS prioritization to ensure your communications and data networks can co-exist without slowdown.

The Cisco 3054 makes it easy for smaller organizations to deploy, manage, and secure.  To learn more, contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation!

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