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Cisco 350XG Stackable Managed Switches

Intended for a range of mid-to-large sized organizations and offices, the Cisco 350XG range of switches are a highly affordable option for upgrading to the ten-Gigabit speeds your operation needs to keep up with growing bandwidth demands.  These Layer 3 switches also feature physical stacking capabilities, adding to their long-term value with simple scalability over time. 

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With options for twelve, twenty-four, or forty-eight ports with both copper and fiber optic connections, there are options to suit a variety of existing building architectures.  No matter which you need, up to four 350XG series switches can be stacked for unified management and higher capacity.  In addition, the 350XG series supports Virtual Router Redundancy Protocols, for emergency failover across stacks in case of hardware failure. cisco 350xg

Simple deployment and administration is another key feature of the 350XG line.  These are designed to be quick to implement and easy to manage, with a range of smart systems that take much of the burden off your administrator.  Smart Ports can detect attached devices and automatically set up bandwidth and QoS settings, while automatic power optimization minimizes their energy footprint.  

You also get robust security with a 350XG Cisco switch.  They come with high-bitrate encryption and secure services, including RADIUS and TACACS+ services.  They also integrate protection against common attacks, including denial of service attacks.

Ten gigabit networking is within reach of organizations of almost any size, and Cisco equipment from Hummingbird Networks brings you global-quality options.  Read on for more product details, or contact us directly for a full consultation.

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