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Cisco 550XG Stackable Managed Switches

The Cisco 550XG series of managed Layer 3 switches offer top ten-Gigabit speeds in a variety of configurations to suit your existing network architecture.  These switches are designed for extremely high reliability, while offering a future-proofed solution that's simple to upgrade as your needs expand.

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All 550XG series switches support physical stacks of up to eight units each, simplifying capacity expansion while minimizing deployment time.  They also support the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, which allows multiple stacks to be linked virtually for rapid failover in case of emergency.  However, with optional redundant power supplies and fans, hardware failure and associated downtime will be minimal. cisco 550xg

Energy-saving is another key feature of the 550XG line.  Each unit has multiple smart systems that monitor power usage and auto-adjust based on current demand.  Most extraneous features, such as the lighting, can be shut off to further reduce power use.

Administration is simplified as well.  Administrators can use either a GUI or CLI interface for quick and easy control of their devices.  Smart auto-detection and auto-configuration systems can set up many connected appliances, such as IP phones, with minimal manual work.  Multiple security and anti-attack systems further help keep the system secure without burdening the admin.

With options for copper, fiber, or a combination of the two, and port numbers up to forty-eight, there's a Cisco 550XG Layer 3 ten-gigabit switch to fit every need.  Read on for further product details on individual models, or contact Hummingbird Networks today for a full consultation on your options in Cisco networking!

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