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cisco 800 Series Cisco Voice

Designed for medium and large-scale operations which have embraced full Unified Communications, the Cisco 8800 series of VoIP phones bring cutting-edge features and state-of-the-art engineering like only Cisco can provide. The Cisco 8800 line features voice as well as full videophones, with high-resolution displays and HD cameras included on some models.

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No matter your needs, there's an 8800 series Cisco Voice product to suit it. Options include:

  • High-quality videoconferencing
  • Multiple USB ports
  • 802.11n WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Cisco Intelligent Proximity Smartphone pairing
  • Swappable charcoal or silver bezels
  • Support for optional Key Extension Modules
  • Wideband audio conference phones

All Cisco 8800 series VoIP phones can be entirely administered and controlled via the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, for full security coverage. Every phone includes extensive security features, including password protection and high-bitrate encryption schemes.

Explore your options below. If you have any questions, just contact Hummingbird Networks and ask for a free consultation on your high-end Cisco IP phone options.

Cisco 8811 IP Phone 5 Line Keys, Grayscale Display
Cisco 8841 VoIP Phone 5 Line Keys, Color Display
Cisco 8845 Video Phone, Intelligent Proximity
Cisco 8851 IP Phone, Color, Expandable, Proximity, USB
Cisco 8861 VoIP Phone, Color, Expandable, Proximity, 2 USB, Wi-Fi
Cisco 8865 Video Phone, Color, Expandable, Proximity, 2 USB, Wi-Fi
Cisco 8831 Conference Phone