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Cisco Aironet 1832i

The Cisco Aironet 1832i represents a superior value for small-to-medium sized organizations looking for an enterprise grade solution in WiFi networking.  These 802.11ac Wave 2 devices are among the top of their class and, at the provided price points, create a truly superior balance of price vs performance that make them attractive to a wide variety of organizations.

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Each Aironet 1832i features a 3x3 Multi-User Multi-Input/Multi-Output (MU-MIMO) array of antennas, with two spacial streams, allowing for a high density of users to still enjoy reliable lag-free Internet access.  Transmit beamforming allows the unit to adapt to the local radio environment to further improve connectivity with mobile devices while reducing their own battery drain.  Ultimately, each 1832i can transmit up to 1Gbps, backed by a PoE-enabled Gigabit Ethernet input port.

The 1832i is exceptionally easy to set up and manage, thanks to its support for Cisco Mobility Express software control systems.  Average initial setup time is only around ten minutes, with subsequent units deploying even more quickly.  A medium-sized deployment can be done quickly and effectively, while still providing superior coverage and security for users.  This software control also eliminates the need for a separate physical controller.

Due to its low price and high quality design, the 1832i would be an excellent choice in a wide variety of deployment scenarios, from offices to public-facing operations.  It would fit well into restaurants, cafes, and any other business looking to include free WiFi access for their customers, while still having the capacity to support their own business operations.  

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