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Cisco Aironet 2802

The Cisco Airnet 2802 series is a perfect solution for medium-to-large size organizations looking to migrate to 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi networking while ensuring they have robust bandwidth and multi-user support to enable high levels of productivity.

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The 2800 series includes a 4x4 MU-MIMO antenna array with three spacial streams, allowing for a theoretical maximum of 5.2 Gbps in over-the-air transmissions while supporting hundreds of users - far beyond the typical WiFi AP on the market, even other Wave 2 devices.

2800 Access Points also support Cisco's proprietary High Density Experience (HDX) technology.  HDX incorporates smart frequency-switching and other onboard technologies to mitigate interference in a high-density radio environment.  This is combined with 160MHz channel support to ensure high levels of reliable connectivity even in an office with a large number of other wireless and cordless radio devices.

With robust security features built in and Cisco Mobility Express support for easy deployment, the 2802 is truly a superior solution for high-speed corporate access.

There are two model choices in the Cisco Aironet 2800 line:

  • Aironet 2802i:  The 2802i is the standard indoor model with interior antennas included, ready for rapid deployment while providing a standard "bubble" of coverage surrounding the device.
  • Aironet 2802e:  The 2802e includes four external smart antenna connectors, allowing for robust beam-shaping and control over coverage areas. (External antennas sold separately.)

The Cisco Aironet 2802 series is a solid, reliable choice in high-capacity corporate WiFi deployment and large-scale connectivity.  To learn more about your options in Cisco WiFi networking, just contact Hummingbird Networks for a full future-focused consultation on your options. cisco access points

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