ASA5516-X with Firepower


Cisco ASA with firepower servicesCisco ASA 5516-x

Cisco ASA 5516-X

The Cisco ASA 5516-X Next-Generation Firewall with FirePOWER Services could be the all-in-one security solution your medium-sized business network needs to have total protection from intrusion.  Cisco is recognized as a world leader when it comes to network security, and with the threat of cyber-crime growing daily, an organization needs all the 'firepower' on its side that it can get. 

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The 5516-X is designed to be a complete, holistic, threat-focused security solution that can take the place of any and all other security appliances on your network.  This is the first way it improves existing security - by being an all-in-one solution, it eliminates any gaps in security coverage which might exist due to having several different appliances.  This alone gives it substantial value over existing solutions.

However, the 5516-X goes far beyond that, and far beyond being a mere firewall.  It incorporates optional leading-edge malware detection and prevention, based on the intrusion analyses done by Cisco's own Talos research group - world leaders in malware identification and prevention.  Through licensing, it also incorporates more than 3,000 app-level controls and policies to prevent intrusions, as well as including a full-featured URL white\blacklist service to ensure your workforce only browse to websites which don't represent a threat.

In fact, the firewall itself is still capable of blocking more than 99% of intrusion attempts - one of the best prevention rates on the market.

As standard, the Cisco ASA 5516-X with FirePOWER Services brings you: Cisco ASA 5516-x firewalls

  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 1.8Gbps Maximum Firewall Throughput
  • 900Mbps Multiprotocol Stateful Throughput
  • 250,000 Maximum Concurrent Sessions
  • 100 VLANs Supported
  • 300 IPSec Site-to-Site VPNs
  • 80GB Internal Hard Drive

Should your organization need additional access, the optional Security Plus license enables greater user numbers and connection methods.

There is little doubt that networks today are facing more attacks, from a wider variety of cyber-criminals, than ever before.  Operations of any size can benefit from a Cisco ASA-series firewall and the superior protections it brings.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more.