ASA5555-X with Firepower

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Cisco next generation firewallsCisco ASA 5555-x

Cisco ASA5555-X

When it comes to networking products suitable for the largest of global-scale networks, there is only one name worth mentioning: Cisco.  Accordingly, it is only fitting that Cisco produce the most powerful and comprehensive security solution on the market which is capable of handling the needs of truly large enterprises:  The ASA 5555-X Next-Generation Firewall with FirePOWER Services. 

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The 5555-X is an all-in-one security appliance, capable of taking over all the security needs of your network from top to bottom.  In the process, you get the best in protection, backed up by Cisco and its industry-leading research divisions.  The ASA 5555-X is capable of blocking more than 99% of all intrusion attempts, in independent testing, while also bringing optional robust anti-malware services as well as app-level security intervention and an optional fully configurable URL filtering system.

No other security device on the market packs so many features into a single package, which is the point of the ASA line of Next-Generation Firewalls.  When multiple security appliances can create new security holes through gaps in coverage, the only viable solution is to implement an all-in-one device that leaves no such gaps.

Despite all these features, the 5555-X remains simple to configure and use.  A powerful GUI brings access to all its advanced features, along with deep and detailed reporting capabilities.  Beyond its security power, the 5555-X can also improve day-to-day administration by enabling deep insights into the usage of your networks.

Out of the box, the Cisco ASA 5555-X with FirePOWER Services has:

  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Additional 6-Port Gigabit Expansion Module Available
  • 4Gbps Maximum Firewall Throughput
  • 2Gbps Multiprotocol Stateful Throughput
  • 1,000,000 Maximum Concurrent Sessions
  • 500 VLANs Supported
  • 5000 Maximum connections
  • 120GB Internal Hard DriveCisco ASA 5555-x firewalls
  • Increased user levels are possible with the addition of the optional Security Plus license, which brings higher concurrent user session totals.

Don't allow your business to make headlines due to its security failures, as so many other operations have recently.  The Cisco ASA 5555-X Next Generation Firewall is among the most advanced and robust security solutions on the market, and is a must-have for any large-scale operation that's serious about protection.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more.