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Cisco ASA Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) with FirePOWER Services are the ultimate solution for businesses both large and small looking to protect their networks with a single integrated security appliance.

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What distinguishes the ASA series of firewalls is their all-in-one nature.  Most security solutions force companies to invest in several separate specialized pieces of hardware, but this creates new security holes due to the fragmented nature of such a security setup.  ASA series firewalls offer unified security solutions, with no blind spots, and unparalleled administrator oversight into their network usage.

Each ASA firewall deployment can be custom-tailored to your business needs based on licenses installed, adding features such as anti-malware protections, Intrusion Prevention Systems, or URL filtering as desired.  

Every deployment comes together through the FirepowerManagementCenter, and all-in-one GUI which gives administrators total oversight and total control over their security systems.  From a high-level dashboard overview to precise application-level controls, the FirepowerManagementCenter allows an administrator to see everything happening on their network as a whole - from threats to everyday usage statistics.  Should an attack happen, no other security solution offers so much data on the event - before, during, and afterwards, to ensure you can fully document it and backtrack the source.

These are far more than simple stateful firewalls.  Cisco ASA units are the absolute state-of-the-art in holistic security oversight with multiple layers of smart semi-autonomous systems consistently protecting your systems from multiple attack vectors.  Ultimately, there are more than 3,000 application-layer and risk-based controls which can be invoked to prevent attacks or shut them down before true damage is done.

From the 5506-X, aimed at startups and small businesses that recognize the need for enterprise-grade security, to the powerful 5555-X which can oversee up to one million concurrent sessions, there is an option in Cisco ASA next generation firewalls to fit every office and every budget.  

To learn more about Cisco NGFWs, read on for more details on individual products or contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation on your options.