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Cisco Intersight Advantage - License - Hosted - DC-MGT-SAAS-ADV-C

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  • Management as a Service
    Cisco Intersight builds on the Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex platforms to provide an intuitive infrastructure with cloud-powered intelligence. Instead of managing from your own onsite system management console, you can use Cisco's cloud-based management platform or through the Cisco Intersight virtual appliance. This capability allows you to focus on managing your systems rather than your management tools. It also allows you to take advantage of new features as they become available from Cisco. In addition, Cisco Intersight allows you to manage systems both in your data center and at remote edge and branch office locations.
  • Model-based deployment
    Cisco Intersight provides model-based deployment for Cisco UCS and HyperFlex platforms, building on the deployment methodologies of Cisco UCS. HyperFlex platforms can be sent to their destination location, have basic Internet connectivity established locally, and then be set up remotely through the cloud-based HyperFlex installer. A Cisco UCS C-Series server can be set up quickly and easily by replicating an existing server profile for rapid configuration. The model-based deployment works for a single system in a remote location or hundreds of systems in a data center and enables rapid, standardized configuration and deployment.
  • Telemetry data collection
    To support the complex environments created by modern applications and the dramatically increasing number of endpoints, enterprises require analytics integrated tightly with their operations management tools. To enable these analytics capabilities, every Cisco UCS server, Cisco HyperFlex system, or Cisco UCS Director software is configured to automatically connect and transmit to Cisco Intersight certain telemetry information (including server serial numbers and IP addresses, the types of software installed on an endpoint, and feature use data). This telemetry information will be used to power the Cisco Intersight recommendation engine. The Cisco Intersight recommendation engine will use the telemetry information to proactively review customer metadata to identify potential issues in customers' environments to prevent problems and improve system uptime in the future.
  • Open API
    Cisco Intersight includes an API that supports the OpenAPI Specification, a powerful definition format to describe RESTful APIs. Support for the OpenAPI specification provides users with access to an interoperable REST API with tools that automate the generation of the Intersight API documentation (, API schemas, and SDKs. The Intersight API includes fully functional Python and PowerShell SDKs.
  • Customizable dashboard
    Cisco Intersight provides a dashboard that spans Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex systems. The dashboard is user-customizable, allowing users to focus on the information and tasks that are relevant to them.
  • Simplified support
    The telemetry data and incidents collected from the Cisco Intersight installed base are transmitted using secure communication mechanisms, and this information is available for use by the Cisco TAC to provide insights and more proactive support.
  • Flexible deployment options
    Choose the ease of SaaS delivery of the Cisco Intersight Management platform. No need to provision resources, simply connect your devices to the management portal, then claim them in the management portal.

Cisco Intersight is Cisco's systems management platform that delivers intuitive computing through cloud-powered intelligence. This platform offers a more intelligent level of management that enables IT organizations to analyze, simplify, and automate their environments in ways that were not possible with prior generations of tools. This capability empowers organizations to achieve significant savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and to deliver applications faster, so they can support different business initiatives.
Cisco Intersight will be integrated with data center and hybrid-cloud platforms and services to securely deploy and manage infrastructure resources across data center and edge environments. In addition, Cisco will provide future integrations to third-party operations tools to allow customers to use their existing solutions more effectively.
Cisco Intersight offers flexible deployment either as Software as a Service (SaaS) or running on your premises with the Cisco Intersight virtual appliance. The virtual appliance provides users with the benefits of Cisco Intersight while allowing more flexibility for those with additional data locality and security requirements.

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