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Cisco Compatible QSFP+ 40Gbps Optical Transceivers 

Hummingbird’s own bidirectional QSFP+ 40Gbps transceiver allows you to quickly and easily expand your existing 10 Gigabit optical network to support 40 Gigabit transmissions without the need for physical rewiring.  A Hummingbird QSFP+ transceiver allows 40gbit transmissions at a range of up to 10km, making it an attractive solution that costs far less than Cisco’s own equipment!   

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  • 100% Cisco-compatible.
  • Seamlessly upgrade your network density for a minimal cost.
  • The integrated pull-to-release lever makes hot-swapping easy if your device allows it.
  • Includes a duplex LC connector for duplexed MMF networks.
  • Backed by our own full limited lifetime warranty.
  • Immediate shipping available.

If you have questions regarding whether your network is ready for a 40G upgrade, just contact us for further consultation!

Still not convinced our optics are right for you? Get a free trial of any optical transceiver to test in your own network.