Cisco Secure Firewall ISA 3000 Series


Cisco is a leading designer and manufacturer and networking and security products and solutions. Their quality portfolio is used by businesses around the globe to increase their security posture. Their solutions are used by businesses around the globe, varying in use case and businesses size. Cisco creates products and solutions that are great for businesses of any size, so whether you are a small business with a few employees or a growing organization, Cisco has the products you need to increase efficiency, productivity, and security.

The Cisco Secure Firewall ISA3000 prevents threats and secures your industrial control systems. Cisco’s industrial security device was designed to be a foundational component of your IoT journey. This appliance combines the advanced security of Cisco Secure Firewalls, with the visibility and control of industrial protocols and applications. The Cisco Secure Firewall ISA3000 is the ideal firewall to segment industrial networks, protect OT assets from looming threats and build compliance for the digitization efforts of the industry.

Key Features:

  • Robust industrial design
  • Reliable and durable operation
  • OT/IT traffic visibility and control
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Converged IT/OT security workflow
  • Easy to use and manage

Businesses in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and other industries are transforming their operations through digitization. This deeper integration between IT, cloud, and industrial networks is creating many security issues that are now putting production integrity, continuity, and safety at risk. Developed specifically for deployment in the harshest industrial environments, these industrial firewalls will: reduce risk with application awareness, protect OT computers from malware, extend IT security to OT, and simplify compliance and reduce an audit scope.

Block threats and exploits to vulnerable control equipment and save on downtime. The ISA3000 leverages threat intelligence from Cisco Talos to detect malicious activity or harmful traffic and protect industrial assets that cannot be patched. Deploy reliable security. Cisco ISA3000 is built to support extreme temperature, vibration, shock, surge, and electrical noise.

Control industrial network traffic to help ensure production uptime and integrity. The Cisco Secure Firewall ISA3000 understands proprietary and standard OT protocols. Prevent threats and secure your industrial control systems. Shop The Cisco Secure Firewall ISA3000 appliances now!