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Cisco Wireless Control System PLUS - Product Upgrade License - 50 Access Points - Upgrade From Cisco Wireless Control System Base License - Linux, Win - WCS-PLUS-UPG-50

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  • Configuration templates
    With Cisco WCS, administrators can assign a template to one or all of the wireless LAN controllers or access points in a mobility group. They can then select the mobility group name and apply the template across the entire mobility group domain. A variety of wireless LAN controller and access point templates are available to manage configurations for the WLAN, security, access control, 802.11 a/b/g/n lightweight and standalone access points, mesh deployments, rogue devices, TFTP servers, and general system management.
  • Virtual domains
    Organizations can segment Cisco WCS using virtual domains (partitioning). Cisco WCS virtual domains enhance network access control by allowing organizations to limit an individual IT administrator's access to only those wireless network segments that are under each IT administrator's individual responsibility. Cisco WCS virtual domains allows organizations to maintain super-user and root administrator control of the wireless LAN. Managed service providers can use this feature to easily manage multiple customer WLANs from a single, centralized, easy-to-use Cisco WCS platform.
  • Network monitoring
    Cisco WCS provides tools that enable IT managers to visualize the layout of their wireless network and monitor ongoing WLAN performance. This includes detailed heat maps that show RF coverage on top of imported floorplans. Cisco WCS also provides a portal into the real-time RF management capabilities provided by Cisco wireless LAN controllers, including channel assignments and access point transmit power settings. In addition, Cisco WCS provides quick visibility into coverage holes, alarms, and key utilization statistics for easy WLAN monitoring.
  • Network troubleshooting
    Cisco WCS facilitates network troubleshooting based on network reports and quick searches for areas such as noise levels, signal-noise ratio, interference, signal strength, clients, controllers, access points, security and performance. This allows network administrators to isolate and resolve problems at all layers of a wireless network. A client troubleshooting tool, client debugging logs, and integration with Cisco Spectrum Expert are also available for troubleshooting of client devices and non Wi-Fi interference.
  • Client troubleshooting tool
    A built-in client troubleshooting tool allows network administrators to quickly and easily troubleshoot problems with a client. Detailed client information is displayed on a troubleshooting dashboard to aide network managers in quickly troubleshooting client problems. This tool includes a summary page with a list of the defined problem and suggested troubleshooting actions as well as a log analysis to capture log messages from the controller and a detailed event history. This tool helps network managers debug Layer 1 to Layer 3 client problems using a step-by-step method.
  • Client debugging logs and statistical reports
    Cisco WCS can collect, save, export and open debug logs for Cisco Aironet and Cisco Compatible Extensions version 5 client devices. These logs can facilitate the generation of client troubleshooting tickets. Real-time and historical statistical reports and a consolidated summary of the troubleshooting tests that were used on the diagnostic channel of these devices can be generated.
  • Radio Resource Management (RRM)
    Troubleshooting and maintenance of the WLAN network is simplified with the RRM tool. This tool provided visibility into wireless network performance and radio frequency statistics. The RRM dashboard is easy to read and enhances awareness of critical events, coverage, or lack of coverage, and configuration anomalies.

Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) is the industry's leading platform for next-generation wireless LAN planning, configuration, management, and mobility services. It provides a powerful foundation that allows IT managers to design, control, and monitor 802.11a/b/g/n enterprise wireless networks from a centralized location, simplifying operations and reducing total cost of ownership. Cisco WCS is a component of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network and supports the Cisco Motion vision.
With Cisco WCS, network administrators have a single solution for RF prediction, policy provisioning, network optimization, troubleshooting, device tracking, security monitoring, and wireless LAN systems management. Robust graphical interfaces make wireless LAN deployment and operations simple and cost-effective. Detailed trending and analysis reports make Cisco WCS vital to ongoing network operations. High availability helps maximize the uptime for services delivery and improve operational efficiency.
Cisco WCS is ideal for enterprise wireless LAN deployments and outdoor mesh networks. This easy-to-use solution simplifies the deployment and operation of wireless networks and helps to ensure smooth performance, enhance security, and maximized network availability.
Cisco WCS Plus includes all base features plus the ability to track a single Wi-Fi device or tag on demand or expand location capabilities by adding a Cisco MSE and Cisco Context-Aware Software to simultaneously track up to 18,000 assets.

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