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fortinet 100e series fg-100e

Intended for growing mid-sized businesses with a need for heavy-duty network security at affordable prices, the Fortinet FortiGate 100E series of security appliances offer top-grade protection.  This next-generation firewall can protect offices, campuses, hospitals, and more utilizing multiple processors to detect and mitigate threats, while constantly scanning your network for potential threats.

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There are several product variations available within the 100E line, depending on your own business's networking needs.  The basic 100E offers 14 Gigabit Ethernet ports, along with two SFP ports, while the 100EF variation includes 8 GbE and 8 SFP instead.  For businesses in need of more connectivity, the 140E includes 38 primary Gigabit Ethernet ports.  Or, choose the 140E-POE, which adds PoE+ power support to 24 of the GbE ports.  

In addition, the entire series also supports an optional redundant power supply, bringing an extra measure of reliability in case of power failure.

The basic throughput speeds are the same for all models:

  • Firewall: 7.4Gbps
  • IPS: 500 Mbps
  • NGFW: 360 Mbps
  • Threat Protection: 250 Mbps

No matter which you choose, you will receive industry-leading security systems.  Fortinet is a leader in smart threat detection.  The FortiGate 100E will be continuously watching over your network for potential problems, and will actively move to block clear threats.  Automatic updates keep it fully informed of the latest known malware and viruses.

Admins get simple and easy insight into their entire security system, thanks to Fortinet's single-pane-of-glass management system.  Even newcomers to network security can quickly learn how to configure and manage a Fortinet security system.  For extended networks, cloud-based zero-touch deployment is an option, speeding setup further.

Fortinet offers you more when it comes to network security!  Contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation on your options.

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