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fortinet 500e series fg-500e

The Fortinet FortiGate 500E security appliance is an excellent option for medium-to-large scale operations in need of cutting-edge next generation firewall protections, along with active threat detection and elimination, without compromising network speeds.  With firewall throughput of 36Gbps, the 500E brings a lot of high-level protection, but never becomes a bottleneck.

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Fortinet are among the industry's leading innovators, and the 500E is packed with custom chips that give it top-grade speeds and protective capabilities.  It's powered by Fortinet's own Security Processing Unit (SPU), a custom chip designed to reliably detect threats, even at multi-gigabit speeds.  It's enhanced by two other dedicated processors, one improving the rate at which the 500E crunches encrypted packets, and the other dedicated to maintaining throughput even under high loads.  

This multi-chip setup allows the 500E to achieve high throughput, including:

  • Firewall: 36Gbps
  • IPS: 5.2Gbps
  • NGFW: 5Gbps
  • Threat Protection: 4.7Gbps

The FortiGate 500E also includes the ports you need to maintain those high speeds.  It features eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight Gigabit SFP slots, and an additional two high-speed Ten Gigabit SFP+ slots to provide the bandwidth needed by intensive business networks.

The FortiGate 500E also integrates seamlessly with other Fortinet products to create a single seamless security fabric which stretches across your entire network - even across multiple locations.  No matter how large your organization grows, Fortinet can continue to protect it - and all the while, administrators enjoy unprecedented ease-of-use thanks to the FortiOS operating system.  This single-pane-of-glass interface offers deep insight into day-to-day operations, along with rich analytical options, while remaining simple to use even with large-scale complicated deployments.

Fortinet offers unparalleled levels of protection against a wide variety of threats, with constant updates ensuring your network is always protected.  They are turning heads within networking security, and it's easy to see why.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more about the benefits of Fortinet. 

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