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fortinet fortigate 600D fg-600d

Designed for large-scale operations in need of serious threat mitigation that won't bottleneck their corporate network, the Fortinet FortiGate 600D is a superior piece of hardware that offers top speeds.  Fortinet is an industry leader in rapid packet processing, while still delivering up-to-the-minute continuous threat updates that keep their customers safe.  The 600D brings all their expertise together into a single high-powered high-speed package.

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The FortiGate 600D features a wide range of ports, including eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight Gigabit SFP slots, two additional Ten Gigabit SFP+ slots, as well as multiple USB and management ports.  This makes the 600D suitable for large scale deployments, or as the security backbone of a branch office.  Ten Gigabit connectivity ensures even bandwidth-heavy applications such as videoconferencing can be utilized without adding security risks.

Under the hood, the 600D is packed with custom hardware that helps it deliver peak performance.  The heart of the 600D is Fortinet's own custom Security Processing Unit, a dedicated processor tuned to perform security operations even at multi-gigabit speeds.  It's enhanced with two more custom chips, the Content Processor and the Network Processor.  The former speeds up analysis of encrypted traffic - now the most common hiding place for malicious code - while the latter brings rapid packet processing even under heavy loads.

Ultimately, the FortiGate 600D can provide maximum throughputs of:

  • Firewall: 36Gbps
  • IPS: 4Gbps
  • NGFW: 3.8Gbps
  • Threat Protection: 3Gbps

For extra reliability, the 600D also includes support for an optional redundant power supply, while an onboard 128GB storage system allows for caching of logs and other local data.

With a FortiGate 600D, you get top-tier protection.  It partners with other Fortinet products to create a seamless security fabric which covers your network from end to end.  This fabric also generates easy-to-read visualizations of network topography, increasing administrative visibility and assisting in the detection of new -or unauthorized- devices.

The Fortinet FortiGate 600D next generation firewall provides the protections you need to keep your network safe.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more.

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