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Large-scale enterprises around the world are learning that when they need cutting-edge next generation firewall services, and advanced threat detection and mitigation, without any network bottlenecks, they need Fortinet firewalls.  The Fortinet FortiGate 800D is among the top-tier security products on the market, allowing for high-speed packet analysis and network oversight, while still providing multi-gigabit throughput.

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The FortiGate 800D is designed specifically for large-scale operations with large-scale needs.  It features twenty Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight Gigabit SFP slots, and two Ten Gigabit SFP+ slots for high-speed access.  However, it won't slow down, even under the heaviest of loads.  Fortinet's multi-processor design includes multiple custom chips designed to speed packet processing and the analysis of encrypted packets, while maintaining rapid throughput.

Thanks to this, the 800D provides maximum theoretical speeds of:

  • Firewall: 36Gbps
  • IPS: 4.2Gbps
  • NGFW: 4Gbps
  • Threat Protection: 3Gbps

With the FortiGate 800D, you get constant threat updates, coupled with a smart processor capable of independently identifying and blocking potential threats on the network.  The 800D also pairs seamlessly with all other Fortinet security devices and affiliated partner products to create a security fabric which protects yout network from end to end.  This fabric generates an easily-understandable network topography, allowing administrators to quickly and easily identify devices on the network, and potentially identify unauthorized or malicious additions.

Despite all this power, the 800D remains easy for administrators to use.  The FortiOS operating system offers a single-pane-of-glass overview of the entire network security apparatus, no matter how large or wide-spread it is.  Deployment and rollout can be streamlined with zero-touch configuration based on shared security profiles.  However, this ease of use does not come at the expense of power.  Your administrator receives unparalleled insight into their network operations.

Fortinet is revolutionizing large-scale business security, and the 800D is one of the top next-gen firewalls in its class.  To learn more, contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation.

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