FortiSwitch Transcievers


fortinet transceivers tranceivers

Fortinet’s range of pluggable copper and optical transceiver modules are designed to complement Fortinet appliances that support transceiver module slots, including the FortiGate®, FortiSwitch™ and other appliance platforms. 

Common connectivity problems in enterprise and data center networks are often traced back to low-quality and incompatible transceiver modules, rather than a fault in the network appliances themselves. Fortinet’s transceivers have been purpose-built and tested to work with Fortinet equipment, ensuring that your network is as stable and robust as possible, and taking the guesswork out of selecting compatible transceivers.

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Supporting various form factors, media types and throughput, Fortinet transceivers provide connectivity options to meet many different network architectures and deployment scenarios. Whether your network demands high-speed 100 GE inside the data center, or long-range 1 GE to connect data centers in different cities, Fortinet has a transceiver to meet your needs.

Various Interface Options: Fortinet transceivers support various interfaces, including: SFP, SFP+, DAC and newer high-speed standards including QSFP+, CFP2 and QSFP28.

Tested for Compatibility: You can rest assured that your Fortinet transceivers have been tested for compatibility on Fortinet products, taking the guesswork out of selecting transceivers for your environment.

Maximize Network Uptime: Eliminate connectivity problems to maximize network uptime by using quality transceivers, designed to work with Fortinet products

Cost Effective: Transceiver modules can be expensive, especially those with sensitive high-speed optics. Fortinet delivers high-quality transceivers, while keeping cost to a minimum.