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HGST Enterprise Platforms and Systems

The days a large enterprise can simply set up a large RAID array of hard drives as a central storage solution are long gone.  The data needs of enterprise operations require specialized platforms and systems, tailored to their needs.  HGST is at the forefront of enterprise storage platforms and systems, offering the cutting-edge storage solutions your business needs to maintain control of its data without throttling day-to-day access demands.

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Achieve Data-Forever With ActiveScale Systems

As your company collects and aggregates data at ever-increasing rates, you need scalable systems capable of keeping up with your data needs - potentially forever.  ActiveScale from HGST is a modular storage system which can grow alongside you, while consistently providing top access and mixed read\write speeds.

These are easily-deployable rack-style solutions, only requiring power and network access, that can grow from hundreds of terabytes to hundreds of petabytes seamlessly.  As your data needs grow, just add more SSDs.   A single-pane-of-glass interface makes management simple and intuitive, without requiring any particular storage expertise on-staff.

Enable Software Defined Storage (SDS) With HGST Platforms

Businesses now see a plethora of devices of different types -ranging from handheld mobile devices to full scale workstations- and from a huge variety of vendors.  You need a single storage solution which can serve the data your workforce needs, no matter what device they're on, and without compromising security.

HGST software defined storage solutions bring that flexibility, in cases designed for long-term use.  HGST has pioneered anti-vibration systems and cooling mechanisms that enable their SDS platforms to perform at maximum capacity, without cutting into their operational lifetimes.   Whether you need to build a storage solution out of HDDs, SDDs, Flash, or a mix of media, HGST has the platforms which enable your solutions to work.

 You have more options in enterprise storage than ever before, and Hummingbird Networks can make it easy to sort through your options.  Contact us today for a full future-focused consultation on HGST enterprise systems and platforms.

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