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HP 3800 switch The HP 3800 line of enterprise-grade Gigabit switches bring superior performance and advanced features to medium-to-large scale organizations which need a network that can grow as they do.   The HP 3800 is especially well-suited for college campuses and other similar high-demand environments, due to their superior stacking capabilities.

The 3800 series of Layer 3 HP managed switches support stacks of up to 10 in a ring topology, or five units in a mesh stack.  This can be accomplished quickly and easily with local patch cables, or remotely through virtualization services.  Ultimately, each stack can support up to 336Gbps of throughput, allowing HP 3800 switches to support even the most data-hungry user base.


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As such, HP 3800 network switches are designed for resiliency as well, for maximum uptime.  Each HP switch can support up to dual redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, for uninterrupted service.  They also support the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, which allows paired routers to back each other up during times of high congestion or service outage.

The HP 3800 switch line includes high-end security features, to make it effective as an edge switch.  The onboard HP ProVision AISC chip brings top-grade custom packet handling.   Each HP switch supports IPv6, along with having an onboard DHCP server to handle internal IPv4 routing.  Automatic anti-DDOS and anti-trojan systems continually monitor the network for signs of disruption.  The entire network of HP 3800 switches can be remotely administered through the HP Intelligent Management Center.   

In the HP 3800 switch series, you have your choice of 24 or 48 ports, PoE+ power, and either SFP+ optical or 10-Gigabit Ethernet uplinks.

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HP 3800

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