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HPE Aruba AP-387 (US) - Wireless Access Point - Wi-Fi 5 - 5 GHz, 60 GHz - R0K14A

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$2,305.00 $1,697.45
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Warranty Information
Limited Warranty - lifetime
Network Protocols:
IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Connectivity Type:
Product Line:
HPE Aruba
Device Type:
Wireless access point
Installation Type:
AP-387 (US)
PoE Support:
Data Transfer Rate:
3.37 Gbps
Operating Systems Supported:
ArubaOS, InstantOS

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  • Cost-effective and simple to deploy
    The AP-387 dramatically simplifies deployment compared to other point-to-point solutions. 802.11ad has provisions to autonomously form links. The APs only require a coarse alignment of the radios and then the link is intelligently adjusted for optimal performance by both ends. This also means that even if heavy winds were to move the APs, the link would intelligently self-adjust without the need to send skilled resources to realign the APs. The full scan range of the 60GHz radio is +/- 45 degrees in Azimuth and +/- 17 degrees in elevation. The 5GHz radio uses a fixed sector to cover the same range.
  • High reliability with intelligent fallback
    One of the unique offerings of the AP-387 is it provides a 5GHz 802.11ac radio along with a high performance 60GHz 802.11ad radio. The 5GHz radio is bonded with the 802.11ad radio to provide a throughput boost in good conditions and an intelligent fallback for the 60GHz if impacted by heavy rainfall.
  • Purpose-built for outdoor deployments
    Purpose-built to survive in the harshest outdoor environments, the AP-387 can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures changes and persistent moisture and precipitation. They are fully sealed to keep out airborne contaminants. All electrical interfaces include industrial strength surge protection. The AP-387 also includes an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface for location services. Additionally, the BLE interface can now be used for console access to manage the Wi-Fi device itself.

Weatherproof and temperature hardened, the Aruba 387 Series Outdoor Access Points deliver greater than one Gigabit per second aggregate throughput. It supports distances up to 400 meters (1/4 miles) and provides resilient operation in inclement weather. And, ease of deployment dramatically simplifies the skills needed to deploy point to point connections. The 60GHz radios include the ability to auto-adjust the radios between two APs that are only crudely aligned. These APs are fully integrated into the Aruba portfolio and supported with on premise and cloud-based management.
In today's mobile era users are expecting to be connected everywhere and at any time. With the ever-growing number of IoT devices, there will be even more demand to provide reliable connectivity between two buildings or structures. Legacy point-to-point solutions can be expensive, and are vulnerable to weather conditions. They can also require highly skilled workers for installation and more importantly to ensure proper alignment of the APs.
Use cases range from connecting remote buildings to providing high bandwidth to a temporary event site. Point-to-point solutions offer an attractive option for linking two sites where a right of way is difficult to obtain, to provide a backup for existing fiber connections, or as a recovery link in the event of a line cut or crushed or flooded conduit.
The AP-387 is a dual radio solution that includes separate 5 and 60GHz radios for high performance point to point requirements, even in extreme outdoor weather use cases.
A maximum concurrent data rate of 2.5 Gbps in the 60GHz band and 867 Mbps in the 5GHz band (for an aggregate peak on air data rate of 3.37 Gbps) is supported.

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